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Those who are following closely will know that our newest friends Bos Angeles headed off on a mini tour towards the end of last week. On Saturday night they were lucky enough to be able to play Tramlines festival in Sheffield sharing the stage with bands such as Milk Maid and Tall Ships.

It is with great sadness and dismay that we must share the news that just before midnight on Saturday (23rd) their car was broken into and both their guitars were stolen as well as a number of effects pedals. I know it’s a dreadful thing to happen to any band but with this only being their 4th ever show it’s more than a little bit heartbreaking, particularly as they were gearing up to do some proper recordings. 

We would like to appeal to anyone in Sheffield or the surrounding areas to keep an eye out for anyone trying to resell the equipment. The exact descriptions of what was taken (picture available here):

  • All black Epiphone SG with two dials missing, just silver turny knobs, big chip on the end of one of the horns
  • Fender Jazzmaster, White body, red scratch board, dent by the bottom strap peg
  • May also be sold with a chromatic tuner pedal and a delay pedal both boss, tu2, td3

The band have given detailed descriptions to the police and if you have any information I think the number to call is 101.

The band have now put the tie dye shirts which they took out on tour with them online….so at least if you’re not able to solve the mystery of the missing guitars you can help out this great young band in some other way. Money from the tshirts will be going towards recording the bands debut EP and are available to order from their bandcamp.

Please retweet, repost or do whatever you can to help!

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