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Cassette Rewind wrote a dead nice review about us, what a lovely chap!


Best Friends-Grow Up

It’s surfs up this morning and good vibes all around. Even though I’ve never been surfing before, Sheffield four piece surf rock/ garage pop band Best Friends sure makes me want to go run out to the nearest beach and do so. Similar to artists such as Surfer Blood and a more fast paced Beach Fossils, Best Friends is definitely a feel good band and a pick me up for any bad day. Their sound is full of 70’s lo-fi haziness, jangly guitars, and a fun poppy youthful nature. For some reason the chocobo theme from Final Fantasy 7 just came to mind but that’s besides the point. The bands motto is SHRED TILL YOUR DEAD and if you’re going to then why not stop by bandcamp first and pick up their two eps from Art Is Hard Records. Their first self titled ep is available for whatever price you choose and their latest ep Throwing Up can be picked  up for $4.78. Don’t forget to head over to their soundcloud page to hear more tunes from these guys.

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    Cassette Rewind wrote a dead nice review about us, what a lovely chap!
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